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A Home Makeover with Wallpaper: Part 2

Time : 2023-03-02 Hits : 9

Continuing to style new homes. The coffee table was the next project in line, and with beautiful beige throughout, we chose wallpaper as the element to tie the room together.I wanted something that didnt take away from the beauty of the room and compete with it, but rather enhance itsays Tina Wu."


The Results!


This gorgeous textural wallpaper called60cm Morandi peel and stick wallapperand 45cm Grey Peel and Stick Wallpaperby Hamyeewallpaper, combined with the grey floors. This transformation is truly stunning!


It's amazing how a few interior design


components can pull a room together. Wallpaper has the ability to take a once bare wall and give the space dimension as well as a glimpse into personality. Take on a new project and start with the walls; you'll be amazed at the difference it can make to your space!