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A Designer's Home Makeover with Hamyee Wallpaper

Time : 2024-01-11 Hits : 28

With a commitment to creating a space that speaks to your style and personality, Tina ofHamyee Interiorsrenovates and assists in your home makeover with your style and vision in mind. Designing from an early age has always been inherent in Tina’s identity, meticulously arranging and rearranging her bedroom furniture just the way she liked it. She always knew she’d be doing the same for others, making a space visually beautiful while being indicative of their personality.


The Project!


Tina's style reflects a contemporary feel with a slight modern farmhouse twist. A notable project she worked on was a bedroom and with so much space to work with, Tina took on an interior design feature she found a new love for...wallpaper!  


The results are in!


An accent wall draped withHamyee's wallpaper,  with dainty and playful vibes.Soft greenandpale pinkscome alive on the wall to create a sophisticated yet cheerful bedroom. A room fit for her princess, how gorgeous!


Advice from the pro:


A feature wall such as this helps tie everything together to create a space that’s uniquely yours. “If you’re new to the world of wallpaper, try a solid wallpaper to get started,” says Tina Wu.


Adding this bright pop of color with wallpaper takes a once simple and unfinished space and elevates it into a fun and dreamy palace for a young girl.Check out another part of Tina's home makeoverwithHamyee wallpaper!