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Team building in Autumn

December 28, 2021

Latest company news about Team building in Autumn

In order to stimulate the passion of working, increase mutual trust, cultivate team awareness, and enhance employees' sense of responsibility and belonging, 2021 On October 18th, Hunan Hanyi Home Decor Co., Ltd. organized a team-building activity with the theme of developing corporate culture.


At 8 a.m. on October 18th, we were all ready to go to Heimi Mountain. It is a set of outdoor experiential training activities designed specifically for modern team building. We took an active part in outdoor activities and games after arriving.


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Before starting, each team performed their opening dance and shouted the team name and slogan. There are 2 teams: the Global Special Forces and the Wild Wolves. When we were ready, under the guidance of the coach, all the team members competed in activities such as Drum and Ball, Throwing Sandbags, and Dragon Forwarding.


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Among them, Drum and Ball is the best test of teamwork. In a short period, through the efforts of the players, the Wild Wolves hit a ball on the drum 17 times. However, Global Special Forces had a brainstorm, and all numbers offered their inspiring ideas. Finally, Global Special Forces took a different path and hit 24 times on the drum. They wined the final victory.

Teamwork is important, while team innovation can make us do more with less.


After completing all the activities and games, we had abundant lunch together. It was entertainment time in the afternoon. We sang in the karaoke room and played games together. Then we prepared food for barbecues and hot pots.


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The whole day ended with our laugh and sings. Everyone enjoyed the moment with each other. The most important thing we got from this activity is that the new feelings for their workmates and built mutual trust with each other.

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