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A perfect factory live streaming

October 9, 2021

Latest company news about A perfect factory live streaming

With the continuous development of international trade, people’s communication is becoming more and more diversified. Up to now, emergence of live streaming. This allows remote customers to visit our factory more conveniently, instead of taking a long flight to China to visit the factory as before.


Here’s our live link From this link, you can see our excellent sales introduce our factory in detail.


First, we introduce is how to produce our 45cm self adhesive wallpaper, you can see the workers are cutting our large rolls of wallpaper into smaller rolls of 10 meters. Of course, the length can be customized, such as 2, 3, 5, 10, 100m etc. Some customers may wonder how can we ensure that each roll is 10 meters? Here I have to introduce our slitting machine, it can cut different lengths according to artificial settings, and can guarantee the length we need. After cutting the small roll, we will pack it with OPP film immediately, it can protect the wallpaper. No only for the wallpaper, we also introduced our 60cm decorative film, kitchen film, PVC floor sticker etc.


Second, we want to introduce is packaged wallpaper, as for 10m long wallpaper, our regular packing size is 30*32*47cm, 30 rolls per carton. In addition, the cartons are covered with a woven bag for secondary protection during transportation. About the 45cm self adhesive wallpaper, we have brick, modern, wood, flower, solid series etc. And the thickness is 0.07-0.09mm. In order to facilitate customers to identify the products in the box, we will label them according to customer requirements.


Third, we introduce the transportation of our products. We put the packed cartons on pallets, each pallet is about 20 boxes. Then transport the products to the corresponding container by forklift. From this link you can see that we have a lot of stock in our warehouse, so we can delivery fast.


If you have any requirements for our products, please feel free to contact us for full catalog, also we would love to provide free sample for our customers starting new business.


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